The Story Of Maui and Kuri
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Once long ago Maui went fishing with Ira-Waru and caught no fish.
Ira-Waru was so hungry he ate their pipi they had for bait.
That made Maui angry
He said” Ira –Waru you are as greedy as a dog.
You are greedy I shall turn you into a dog”.
Maui chanted a powerful chant and so Ira –Waru was no longer Ira-Waru the man but Ira-Waru the kuri.
Then Ira-Waru said to Maui
“Oh Maui I beg you to turn me back into Ira-Waru the man because I hate being a kuri”.
Then Maui laughed and said
“No kuri you are a kuri and you shall stay as one enough is enough now go from me little dog kuri or else I will punish you”.
So off went little dog kuri.
Now, in the days Maui changed Ira-Waru the man to kuri the dog, days were short and nights were long.

Those were the days when Ra, the great golden sun, traveled fast across the sky and back again.
Ra hurried so fast there was no time for woman to plant their kumara in the gardens of the kainga, for men to snare kerero, for fish a folk to hi ika and no time for children to play their games on the marae.
After that Maui had an idea he will trap Ra so then Maui made a net out of green flex and he waited at the end of the edge where Ra will burst out from under the hills he waited and waited little dog kuri waited with him too.
They waited and then Ra burst from out in front of Maui’s trap on the hills.
Then Maui throws the net over Ra and started to beat him with his mere
Maui said” take that and take that”
“Oh Maui please stop please” said Ra
Maui replied “I’ll stop only if you promise me that you will slow down while you’re traveling across the sky and back”
Ra said to Maui “I promise you I will travel slowly across the sky”.
Then Maui let Ra go from out of the ropes.

Then it started to rain there was no fire to keep the whare warm and to cook their kai with.
Maui went to the under world where Mahuika goddess of fire lives.
Maui went to Mahuika to get a finger of fire to keep the whare and so the people can cook with.
As soon as Maui reached Mahuika he said to himself” Mahuika is the only one who has fingers and toes of fire.
If Mahuika gave me all her fingers of fire, gave me all her toes of flame, then Mahuika will have no fire, but I Maui would have all the fingers and toes of fire of Mahuika”.
So Maui dipped all the fingers and toes of fire until Mahuika only had one toe left so Maui so Maui begged Mahuika for her last toe of fire then Mahuika said to Maui “ oh Maui you have tricked me how could you have tricked me” Then Mahuika plucked her last toe off and she threw it so it flew like a blazing star, flew like a flame of fire she threw it straight ay Maui.
When Maui saw the finger flying throw the sky he ran to catch the finger he caught it but little dog kuri was near and he tripped Maui up.
So then Maui took fire back to the village so that the whare and the people can keep warm and so that they can cook with to cook their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After Maui brought the toe of fire back to the village he went to go and see UeTonga waho lives in the under world where Mahuika lives.
He asked UeTonga” can you do me a Ta-moko so that my enemies will fear me and that the maidens will love me.
Then UeTonga took his uhi-matarau and started to Ta-moko Maui’s face.
Then little dog kuri came by he saw Maui’s blood being to flow kuri laughed and he said” oh Maui I see your blood flow.
I see you suffer.
Now you feel the pain as I felt when I was changed by you from Ira-Waru the man to being a kuri.
May you suffer long Maui?”
May the chisel of a hundred points make you bleed and sore?
Maui was so angry at kuri that he said enough is enough is enough”! And he seized little dog kuri and he took from UeTonga the uhi-matarau, the chisel of a hundred points.
Little dog kuri, he barked loud and he howled long, but Maui held him tight and with the chisel of a hundred points he moko all over little dog kuris nose till kuris nose was all black and shining all over the moko not brown any more.
And that is why all little dogs have nose black and shining, even as the nose of that little dog was tattooed black and shining by Maui in the time of long ago.