Te Rangitawaea 2009 - Nati Awards
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Congratulations to all the students who participated in the 2009 Te Rangitawaea Festival. Hatea-a-Rangi entered 11 categories. Out of the 11 categories we were finalists in 9.

And the 9 finalists were .....

Pipi Paopao - Digital Photo
Pipi Paopao - Graphic Animation
Pipi Paopao - Advertisement
Teina/Tuakana - Music Video
Teina - Documentary
Teina - Advertisement
Teina/Tuakana - wikispace
Tuakana - Clay Animation
Tuakana - Script

We entered an I.C.T. Challenge team. The Challenge team's job was to complete a mystery challenge within 90 minutes.

The team members were.....

I.C.T. challenge team - Korey, Lily-Beth, Sidney, Llria

We entered an I.C.T. Expo team. The Expo team's job was to showcase e-learning and I.C.T. from our school. This year they showcased Interactive boards, Mathletics, wikispaces and blogging.

The team members were......

I.C.T. expo team - Jayda, Brodie-Joe, Hohaia, Siyarndra, Neha,Caitlin

We came home with ....

Overall Winner - Pipi Digital Photo
Overall Winner - Pipi Graphic Animation
Overall Winner - Music Video
Overall Winner - Wikispaces
Supreme Award for Expo Site

Overall junior winners of the night were Pae o te Riri(Tikitiki), fantastic entries and a big congratulations to them.

Click on the link below to visit the Nati Pakiwaitara wikispace and view all of our Nati Entries. You can view a slideshow below which includes photos of the festival.

Nati Pakiwaitara Link

terangitawaea.com .