Students Stories
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This story is about how Paua got its colorful shell.
Paua was a sad and lonely creature that had no friends.
He moved very slowly and had trouble hiding from his predators.
One day Paua hid in the seaweed and Tangaroa heard him crying.
He asked Paua what was the matter.
Paua told Tangaroa that he was sad because everyone else looked better than him.
He also told Tangaroa that the sea creatures laugh at his thick, black, rubbery lips.
Tangaroa felt sorry for Paua and decided that he would give Paua something special just for him.
He gave Paua a colorful shell.
He got green from Tane, violet from the dawn, pink from the sunset, a shimmer of pearl from mother and the coolest blues from the deepest part of the ocean.
When Tangaroa was finished, all of the creatures came to look at how stunning he looked.
They were very curious.
They started poking, rubbing, bumping, scraping and scratching Paua’s shell until Paua’s new coat broke.
Then they hurried away and left him alone.
Again he complained to Tangaroa.
This time he made it solid so no other creatures could brake it again.
Once more he cried and Tangaroa heard him.
Paua said,
“I love this coat but the other creatures tease me,
Don’t like me and are very jealous of me.”
Tangaroa was angry with all the other creatures.
Again he mixed all of the colors together but instead of putting the on the outside, he put the colors on the inside of Paua’s shell.

By Kathryn.