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Learning Intention

We are learning to:

  • Write a script that will provide actors with direction and information for a Pakiwaitara to be performed
  • Recognise and discuss what props will be required to perform our whakaari successfully
  • Complete a storyboard that includes different film angles and shots to be taken

Success Criteria

We will know we have achieved this when:

  • Actors will know their lines and what scenes they will be part of.
  • Camera person will take correct shots according to storyboard
  • Have appropriate props to go with our movie

The following scripts have been written by students from the Teina class. They are about Maui and Kuri and Tautini.

This script was created by Jayda, Portrait, Logan, Page, Destiny and Jake.

This script was written by B.J., Neha, Sidney, Kathryn, Brodie and cKodez.

The script was written by Hayden, Jarrod, Llyria, Wirihana Ana and Rakaia.


He’s cunning (gets children to come up to his pā)
Weakness – He couldn’t save himself, couldn’t fight his own battle.
Secret – How he kills children, pushing them off the cliff
Desire – To eat children

Scene 1

Tautini is cooking kai at his hut.
Children playing in front of the maunga, on the beach.
They smell some food cooking – steam comes down and they follow it back to Tautini’s hut.


Mmmmm, kai! Can you smell that? Yeah bro let’s go see where it’s coming from. It’s coming from up Toiroa Maunga! MAUNGA!
Children run to the maunga.

Scene 2

Children are up the maunga having kai with Tautini.
After kai, a bunch of kids go in and play the playstation. One child, gets left out so Tautini lures him with a PSP to come by the cliff and play it.
Tautini drops it, the child goes to pick it up, and Tautini kicks him down the cliff.

Scene 3

Children playing playstation hear the scream of the child falling down the cliff, and run to the edge and see Tautini’s followers picking up the dead child. Tautini rubs his hands together, puts his napkin in his shirt and pulls out his knife and fork.

Scene 4

Two children run/skate/bike down the hill screaming. Go to childs father and tell him that his son has been killed.


Tū-te-manga-rewa! Tū-te-manga-rewa! Tautini killed your son! He’s gonna eat him!


Ūpoko kōhua!!!

Scene 5

Tū-te-manga-rewa and his followers (prospectors) go to Toiroa and chop off Tautini’s head. Te Aotawarirangi begs for the head of her father.

Te Aotawarirangi

StrengthCourage to ask for her fathers head
WeaknessNot strong enough to fight by herself
SecretTo inform her brother on the death of their father
DesireSeek revenge on Tū-te-manga-rewa for killing her father

Scene 6

Te Aotawarirangi takes her father’s head to her brother (via bike/horse/car/motorbike). He is at the beach surfing / bowl skating / down the wharf fishing / hunting up the hill / diving around the rocks / setting pots off the boat / setting hinaki up the river.

Te Aotawarirangi

Tū-te-manga-rewa killed dad!

Brother pulls sword/machete/butcher knife/patu/axe/gun/taiaha/spear from his pouch and yells. A tear rolls down his cheek


There shall be war. Dun dun dun duuuuun.

Scene 7

Te Aotawarirangi, Brother and their tribe journey along the beach to Tokomaru where the war takes place on the Hatea-ā-rangi field. They win the war. Last shot is of Te Aotawarirangi and her brother dropping weapons, and close up shot of both of them with an evil look on their face.


Beach, field, Toiroa, hut, marae, hill


Te Aotawarirangi, Tu-te-manga-rewa, Tautini, kids,
Boy, Tuterangikatipu-brother

5 boys 3 girls


psp, psiv, all above in scene 6, puipui, horse, bush, fishing gear, bike, skateboard, boots, video camera, knife n forks bib, tripod,


Vivid, paint, ink, eyeliner, lipstick, blush, fake blood, earrings, tipare, underpants, black, bobbypins.

The above script was written by the Tuakana class.